Brandon Johnson is a Seattle native. Born in 1954, he attended Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, and later majored in Physchology at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Before purchasing Seattle Sanitation Services in 2005, he ran a non-profit organization for almost 20 years, worked in a ship yard in Anacortes, and was a chef at many fine northwest restaurants.

In addition to his "real job", you can always find Brandon boating in the San Juans, camping in the mountains, acting as a resource for everything from medical questions to recipes.


Woofie is employee number 2 of Seattle Sanitation Services and never misses a day of work. She is a 13 year old Tibettan terrier who is internationally known as that dog in the red life jacket on Lake Union. She was rescued originally and trained as a service dog. After the death of her companion, she was adopted by Brandon and family eight years ago. She can be found either walking the docks or sitting on the bow of the boat as it is going through a storm.